• Marcel: Well, we met on Instagram.
  • Ali: Ok, only kind of! I had an Instagram crush on him.
  • Ali: Yes, well so I had a fake account, the name of which I cannot reveal. My friend and I had started this fake account so we could secretly follow people, or people where it would be creepy if they knew we were following them.
  • Marcel: I don’t understand that.
  • Ali: You should!
  • Marcel: I feel like everyone should know when you follow them.
  • Ali: What! I definitely don't. Anyway, I was just being a creepy stalker and following him and had a crush on him.
  • Marcel: And I asked my friend, who posted a picture of Ali, ‘Who's this girl, what's she all about?'
  • Ali: This is such a dumb story.
  • Marcel: No it's not! It was great because we didn't have any expectations.
  • Ali: So then there was this event at the Bowery and my friend invited me and I went because I heard his friend — and probably he — was going to be there. So of course I went.
  • Marcel: And I bought tickets because I thought she would be there.